Our work experience, as well as the daily encounters in our personal lives have made us realise the demands that our society puts on us.

At an early age we begin to support and promote our children’s development in order to help them find a safe place in life. Language development plays a crucial role in this as it represents the basis of interpersonal communication skills.

But what happens if things do not go as smoothly as we may have wished for or if areas of our child’s development advance more slowly or differently than we expected? There may be a barrier that is hindering progress.

Naturally you are worried that your child may be missing out on chances or may experience disadvantages throughout life.

Often, your child will pick up on these worries. Subconsciously questions such as, “Am I all right the way I am?” or “Is something wrong with me?” can influence and impact your child’s self-image.

Through careful diagnostics, individual consultation and purposeful therapy, it is our task and our wish to alleviate any worries or anxiety that children and parents may be experiencing.

In our practice that specialises in children and adolescents, we offer holistic, modern speech therapy concepts and solution-based child and adolescent coaching.